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Our social media management gives businesses an authentic and engaging online presence. It’s our unique insight that allows us to work across all platforms, engaging existing and new customers before driving them to your site.


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We bring your brand to life while maintaining the voice and upholding the integrity of your business.


Whether we’re delivering photography, videography, graphic design or written content, you’ll always get the final say - and your content will only go live once every component has been approved.


We offer the social media management you need to create an outstanding online presence that cuts through the noise and eclipses your competition.

Followerandia is perfection and success

About us

Our social media marketing agency pricing offers exceptional value for money. We’re proud to offer an array of services that suit any budget. Whether you’re an emerging business that’s looking to expand or a growth focussed organisation at the top of your game, we’ll work together to find the social media marketing agency pricing that’s right for you.

We're building meaningful relationships

We double down on our content with strategic and innovative social media management. We’ll help you flesh out your brand and ensure your socials are doing you justice.

We not only engage your audience, but also offer them something they can enjoy and genuinely want to share with the people in their life.

Our social media agency makes sure your profiles are posting exclusively eye-catching, comment-worthy content.

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As one of the leading social media marketing agencies in Americas, we help businesses worldwide to tell their stories. We connect you with your target audience and communicate your brand in the unique, engaging ways.


We’re passionate about boosting your brand power and delivering the online attention you deserve. By maintaining a small circle of clients, our social media agency can guarantee you’ll be paired with a team that has your undivided attention.

We lead for you 🦉